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Texas Hill Country landscape

Randy Peyton, oil, 22" x 34"
Randy Peyton, oil, 22" x 34"
Courtesy of the artist

Looking East by Randy Peyton is an exaggerated curvature shapes the foreground- elevating the viewer to a top of an unknown hillside, a vista overlooking a scenic landscape. In the distance is the silhouetted backdrop a major metropolitan – complete with capital building and high-rises. Alluding to Austin, Texas -based on the bluebonnet sentimentality,

Peyton does not indicate any conclusive evidence in factual of said demographic; like using a painting title reference or a distinct building outline. Working on a simplistically balanced composition, Looking East has a mirrored effect with the likes of Live Oaks that dominate the foreground.

Along side the minimal tree line is the tri-level cactus strata that are almost too perfect in shape and intervals. Again the cactus and bluebonnets are arranged in a dual configuration that is cut across the forefront of the footpath. With the trail entering the picture plan in the middle of the painting, our eye goes straight up the path, and into the mid and back ground, with first interests of being drawn into the blue- miasma skyline.

By: Gabriel Diego Delgado