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Texas gradually slipping away

A steady stream of illegal aliens cross the southern border into Texas.
A steady stream of illegal aliens cross the southern border into Texas.
Photo by John Moore/Getty Images

Over the past two years The Examiner has reported that "progressives" have a plan to seize red states by implementing questionable tactics designed to turn those states blue. In Colorado, for example, Democrats managed to become the dominant political power by using the tactics devised by "progressive" groups and individuals. The result was that Democrats won the governor's office and both houses of the state legislature.

The Examiner further reported that these tactics had been used by Democrats in North Carolina, New Mexico, and Virginia to accomplish the same goal. But the most ambitious plan of all is to turn Texas blue. A report filed Samuel Culper on Tuesday displays the numbers, illustrated by a color coded map. An explanation of how the Texas initiative differs from the others is provided.

Until now "progressives" used a carefully designed strategy contained in what is known as "the Colorado Model" to turn red states blue. The Colorado Model implements a multipronged strategy that includes multimillions of dollars being pumped into the state by wealthy Democratic donors. Democrats in the state would then use the money to buy a series of high profile ads that blatantly engage in character assassination against Republicans, particularly Tea Party conservatives. But the tactic depends on a carefully planned strategy of bombarding conservatives and libertarian types with outlandish attacks on their character, forcing the candidate to address the issues charged. But before they finish with refuting the false charges of the first round of lies, they were hit with a second wave of attacks on their character. And while the candidate is busy fending off the fallout from the second wave of lies, the Democrats unleashed yet a third wave. On and on it went, the result of which was that candidates never finished defending themselves in spite of taking up precious campaigning time in addressing the false charges. Various and sundry new political organizations set up by wealthy Democrats would fund and propagate these lies. Those on the receiving end of this dastardly scheme were severely outspent although they tried to address the false charges.

But they could never recover from the assault. The result was a Democrat coup in Colorado. And in North Carolina a damaging leak exposed the fact that Democrats and "progressives" were using significant parts of the Colorado Model to accomplish a coup in that state as well.

The latest strategy being implemented in Texas adds a significant tactic that was not necessary or expedient in other states. The "progressives" are actively using the assault of illegal aliens to their benefit. As the color coded map shows in Culver's article, Texas is ground zero. Most of the bombardment of the country from the southern border is taking place in Texas. And although the illegal aliens are being shipped all across America, most of them stay put in Texas. The reason is not far to find. This tactic is now part of the "progressive" goal used by Democrats to seize power in Texas. The Democrats have discovered, based upon experience in the recent past, that the more illegal aliens they allow into the country the more likely they are to benefit from their votes, legal or not. The interlopers who are here for nothing more than the freebies will vote for Democrats.

When one tracks down the intent of these U.S. turncoats who are deliberately unleashing illegals on a red state, the truth is enough to make one sick to the stomach. It is the intention of the Obama administration and the Democratic Party, the Republican leadership, and a large segment of the Libertarian Party to "wash out" traditional American culture in deeply red states such as Texas. This is being accomplished by bombarding these states with as many illegals as possible, illegals that have no knowledge of our history, no regard for our Constitution, and no intention of being assimilated into the American culture. A large number of these illegals do not even believe that the entire U.S. southwest belongs to America. They see California, Arizona, New Mexico, and Texas as Mexican land, and they intend to take it back.

If the politicians can benefit from this outright assault on our nation from the southern border, then so be it. They will help the illegals enter the country and grant them permanent asylum. As long as they benefit from the chaos politically, then they do not care what laws the illegals break. They want to see the complete destruction of traditional American culture because it favors Republicans, conservatives, and libertarians. And if it takes destroying that culture in favor of illegal aliens who have no respect for our culture, then more power to them. As long as they can get elected and reelected, anything goes, legal or not.

The bottom line? The current lawlessness at the southern border, perpetrated by a president and a political party that has created, nursed, and breathed life into this monster, is being played according to a coordinated script. And it has gone a long way toward turning Texas blue and making sure traditional American values are destroyed. Look at the color coded map again and again and note how close these lawless government thugs have come to accomplishing their goal of a political coup in Texas by using illegal aliens alone. And this is one excellent reason why this outrageous travesty must be stopped cold by any means necessary.

(Hat tip to WRSA).

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