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Texas governor's race gets dirty

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Inside Texas Politics on ABC made the statement that the race for the next governor of Texas was getting dirty on this week's program Sunday, Jan. 26. Host Jason Whitely interviewed Ross Ramsey, executive editor of The Texas Tribune in Austin, Texas who gave his views on the latest controversial scrap between the Democratic candidate, Wendy Davis, and Republican contender, Greg Abbott. Whitely asked Ramsey what he thought was the bigger story behind all the ruckus which was aired to the public last week.

Ramsey said,

“This started with the flap over Wendy Davis' bio and whether her actual life matches up to the bio. Lynn Slater had a story in the Dallas Morning News, and it quickly evolved in a couple of directions. There was a bunch of noise from the Republicans about she's lying about her resume. The Democrats, on the other hand, were saying 'this is a sexist attack on a female candidate' and it sort of wound into a bunch of different areas away from where it started.”

Whitely asked if the dispute strengthened or weakened the war on women argument. Ramsey answered,

“I think to the extent that we're talking about sexism in this argument it strengthens Wendy Davis' hand. To the extent that we're talking about the resume and whether it matches her actual life — and whether she's been embellishing the truth — that plays toward Abbott.”

Huffington Post Politics reported that Rush Limbaugh joined Abbott in his attack of Sen. Davis with his usual misogynistic babble calling Davis a “fraud” during one of his recent shows.

Wendy Davis' supporters accuse Republicans of a smear campaign by attacking Sen. Davis' life experiences. Additionally, as reported by on Saturday, Jan. 25, attorney general Greg Abbott criticized Davis' July 2013 abortion filibuster while boasting of his own record of defending abortion laws.