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Texas Early Voting Underway

With the primaries kicking off in Texas, the time has come for you to know your candidates. There seems to be a lot of rumblings of voting out the incumbents. Before you take such measures, learn more about who their opponents are and take the time to access their records. Too often, voters will just vote straight ticket regardless of what the candidate actually stands for and what they will actually do for you.

It is curious why more individuals do not participate in the primary process. You, as a voting citizen, have a responsibility to do more than just listen or watch television and radio spots. You can generally disregard anything that comes in the mail, but if you choose to read, watch or listen, pay attention to who is actually paying for the ad and if the candidate is actually endorsing the ad, personally.

Due to the 2010 Supreme Court decision, and the subsequent rise of the Super PAC’s, it more important than ever, to really check into where the money comes from. Money will tell you a greater story about who the candidate is getting their support from and if that group is actually working in your best interest, not their own self-interest. Sadly, just about every candidate running for office, whether it is for re-election or first time election, there are outside groups pouring money into political campaigns. Even though the law states that the connection cannot be a direct one, they get very close, almost reciting word for word, campaign slogans, printed materials and even photos, making it that much more difficult to distinguish the candidate from the Super PAC.

All this is designed to do, in most cases, is to confuse the voter and in no way educate the voter. That last point is important, however. Many of these Super PAC’s claim to be educators to the voter, yet they come across as a shell in order to manipulate the rules of the game. No matter what side you’re on, it would be an exception if a Super PAC was actually doing what they stated they were going to do when applying for their tax exempt status.
All this does, however, is make your decision that much more difficult to navigate through. It would appear that that was their intention all along.

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