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Texas District 17 Candididate Flores answers question about his business funded by George Soros

Bill Flores answered one of many questions dogging him in this race when he appeared on WTAW 1620  for the 5:40PM segment on January 14th. Chris Clift, who has shown definite fairness in his approach to candidates, expressed his discomfort that has shown in the past when he prefaced his question of Flores about the candidate's George Soros connection by saying he didn't like asking such questions.

Flores answered the legitimate concern about his company, Phoenix Exploration, being venture-capitalist funded in part by George Soros' firm. He admitted that Soros' company owns one-seventh of Phoenix, and before explaining firmly stated that he does not like George Soros one bit and has never met him.

Flores said that, when looking for investors, he had invited some potential investors to provide funding, and one of those investors then invited Soros' group to join with that company in providing the funding.

This makes Soros' company a secondarily involved organization and Soros, at best, a tertiary connection to Phoenix and Flores.

This reporter is satisfied with Flores' answer and only wished it had come sooner. This is not an issue any candidates will be able to gain traction on Flores with, though at least one (Timothy Delasandro), has made an issue of it and expresses some legitimate concerns regarding what such an affiliation might mean to a Congressman.

My advice to Delasandro: Move on. Only a well-funded candidate will be able to make this issue stick and that candidate will be Chet Edwards. It's a mess Flores will have to deal with in the General Election if he gets there, because Edwards will make hay with it...and the several other questions still hanging out there.


  • alex 5 years ago

    Your response is actually fair. I respect that. Nice job. You may actually manage to be a king maker one of these days.

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