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Texas District 17 Candidate Rob Curnock secures endorsement from Astronaut Jim Lovell

It's funny how one can be in the right place at the right time...

I was meeting with someone today when Rob Curnock happened to walk in. The District 17 Congressional Candidate was very animated and quite engaging. He was interacting with everyone, from a child to older adults. My host introduced him to me, and after reminding him of meeting briefly while I was involved with Mr. Delasandro's campaign, he chatted me up as my host was finishing up an email.

I'd love to tell you where I was, but I'm not sure that would be prudent. This was informal, so I will report on my encounter and refrain from sharing the name of my host.

Rob was quite enthused by the difference in his answer to a question on January 25th in Hillsboro at the Hill County Republican Women's Candidate Forum to which his answer was "Yes." He and Mr. Delasandro had similar answers (though reports are that Mr. Delasandro was a bit more boisterous with an answer of "Absolutely!") to the question:


The other three candidates answered "No", though my understanding is that Chuck Wilson wanted to change his answer to "Maybe."

Speaking of Mr. Wilson, Mr. Curnock mentioned Chuck's generally-known status within the counties' party leadership as a big-tent moderate. This was first brought to my attention after speaking with a member of the Leadership Committee of the Brazos County GOP who related to me the essence of their meeting with Mr. Wilson last year. It seems, at least with his campaign manager in attendance, Mr. Wilson walks a line pock-marked with moderate talk. Something I hope to discuss with Mr. Wilson soon.

Rob intimated that the other candidates were beating Timothy Delasandro up, and he was attempting to stay out of the fray though Flores seemed to be gunning for him. He noted that his sign placement was causing other signs to sprout up around his without the property owners' permissions, and that he was organized and ready for a post-primary fight with Chet Edwards.

Mr. Curnock was in town for an Open House at the old Coalition for Life office on 29th street, and he had been in town for the Brazos County Republican Club meeting earlier. According to his web site he had a fundraiser at Grand Station for the rest of the evening.

A comment to my host was interesting, as Rob claimed there was a Democrat in the race; and it wasn’t until he reiterated that “until he [the Democrat] votes in March he’s a Democrat” that I realized he was talking about Bill Flores. An issue I reported on last month.

What impressed me most was that Rob had his wife and two handlers with him, all dressed in suits and wearing nametags. If nothing else, Mr. Curnock shows that he has an organization.

His time between the meeting and the open house was spent with College Station player and Scott & White big wig Ron Gay who spent the day introducing Curnock to other B-CS muckity-mucks. Curnock was coy enough to not mention anybody except by their profession (This big banker in town,” etc.) and in my experience that means they haven’t committed. But he met people today, and I’m sure he hopes that will translate into votes with us little guys.

Speaking of little guys, he further mentioned that Mr. Flores seems to be intent only on mailouts (I have received three of his mass mailings, at least!) and not so much on the boots on the ground…which Curnock seemed quite convinced was a campaign category he trumped everyone in.

Perhaps the biggest news, unabashedly shared without caveat or “don’t share this yet” is that Rob said he has received the endorsement of astronaut Jim Lovell.

Let’s see how long that takes to get to air, as other candidates are gearing up their big guns.

By the end of those fifteen minutes, it seemed as though a whirlwind had just passed through. Whether it was a self-sustaining tornado or simply a dust-devil, I can’t tell you, but it was energetic and it came in the form of Rob Curnock.

He could be a force to reckon with, if only people knew him around here as more than the guy who lost last time. If he shared his energy like that, instead of being nearly dispassionate from a campaign podium, he’d win more than just a few folks over, including me.


  • christopher 5 years ago

    Curnock tries to make it appear that he has major grassroots support. That's his shtick. He can't possibly win without creating this illusion.

    Let us take a step back and try to separate the forest from the trees for a moment. Curnock has run for this seat three times in the past. He lost every single time. For some reason, he takes losing by almost nine points as a badge of honor. What type of primary candidate advertises that he's a loser?

    I don't get it.

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