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Texas Democrats ridicule Latinos at state convention

Fischer's booth at the Democratic state convention
Fischer's booth at the Democratic state convention
Trey Martinez Fischer

Texas State Rep. Trey Martinez Fischer (D-116, San Antonio) wanted to make a name for himself at the Democratic state convention in late June. He managed to do that, but not in the way he wanted. Fischer ended up offending many Latinos by ridiculing their culture and heritage, with many Democratic attendees at the convention joining in. Fischer, however, has no one to blame but himself. After all, he was the one who tweeted pictures, causing embarrassment for himself and the Democratic Party.

Fischer had a booth at the state Democratic convention, held at the Omni Dallas Convention Hotel. As part of the booth set-up, Fischer asked attendees to don props and pose for pictures. However, in pictures Rep. Fischer tweeted out, delegates and convention attendees donned items portraying Latino stereotypes, including a sombrero, a Mexican-style mustache, and a machete, as they posed for pictures.

Adding to the cultural insensitivity, Fischer had attendees pose in front of a backdrop with Loteria-style cards depicting Texas political leaders. Loteria is a traditional Mexican card game similar to bingo, and cards feature things like a rooster, a little devil, and a bottle of alcohol. Fischer’s Loteria cards featured Democrats Wendy Davis (with the caption “La Valiente,” meaning brave or valiant), Leticia van de Putte (who was dubbed “La Dama,” or “The Lady”), the Castro Brothers (with the phrase “Los Cuates” or “The Twins"), and Gilberto Hinojosa (with the title “El Bigoton,” referencing his mustache). Fischer even put himself on a card, calling himself “El Jefe,” meaning “chief,” or “boss.”

Fischer wasn't done making insensitive moves. He included one Republican in his Loteria card set: Texas Attorney General and Republican gubernatorial candidate Greg Abbott. Instead of using a standard photo, however, Fischer photoshopped Abbott’s face, adding horns to his head and giving him the title “El Diablito,” a traditional Loteria card title meaning “little devil.” Lauren McGaughy of the Houston Chronicle tweeted a photo of the cards.

Just a day before this happened, the Wendy Davis campaign complained in an email to supporters that Davis was being called “Satan” in online attacks.

Also, Bob Price of Breitbart Texas tweeted that in a convention speech given on Friday, Fischer said “GOP: that just stands for Gringos y otros pendejos.” “Pendejo,” it should be noted, is the Spanish word for “idiot” or “dumbass.”

Fischer’s “photo booth” at the convention was even criticized by some on the left. Latino Rebels, a left-leaning news site that often highlights the anti-Latino movement in our society, tweeted “when our own enable the stereotypes we all criticize from others, no one will take us seriously.”

Victor Medina writes for Yahoo News and his political blog His other writing credits include The Dallas Morning News and He has served as a Dallas County election judge and on the Board of Directors of The Sixth Floor Museum. You can follow him on his blog, or on Twitter at @mrvictormedina. He can be reached by email at Click here to receive a weekly email update from To be notified of future stories by Victor Medina, click the SUBSCRIBE link here or at the top of this page.

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