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Texas couple kept adopted son locked in garage apartment into his 20's

A couple thought keeping their son locked up would keep others safe.
A couple thought keeping their son locked up would keep others safe.

Police in central Texas are saying that a couple actually kept their adopted son locked up in a garage apartment for years because they feared what he may do. NBCDFW reported on June 27, 2014, that while he was locked in the apartment, the couple would give him a box of food every once in a while and allow him to go out into the world just once a week.

Word is that the couple kept him locked up for at least four or five years.

40-year-old Jenifer Elise Thyssen and her husband, 39-year-old Dane Andrew Thyssen, kept their 22-year-old son, Koystya Thyssen under lock and key.

The couple says they kept him locked up because they wanted to protect their other children.

The garage apartment behind their home was locked from the outside whenever he was put back in there. Usually on every Wednesday, he was allowed to leave the house so that he could shower. His father would also drive him to a counseling appointment and then bring him back home.

One day when he was let out, Koystya stole a screwdriver from his father's tool box and used it to escape the apartment when the couple left one day. He then entered a neighbor's home through an unlocked door and was arrested for burglary.

That was when the police found out the situation with him and his parents and how they kept him locked up in the apartment behind their home.

The Statesman says that Koystya was let out of his apartment when the family would go on vacation because his father would stay behind. On some nights, the son could go into the home and have dinner with his father.

Koystya says he didn't like the way he was being treated, but never tried to say or do anything about it because he has no other family in this country.

The Thyssen couple is currently being held on $350,000 bail each for kidnapping charges. Koystya Thyssen is being held on $10,000 bail for a burglary charge.

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