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Texas couple homes orphans: Couple has helped thousands of orphans find homes

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A Texas couple has found homes for orphans for the past 35 years. On Jan. 23, People Magazine reported that Paul and Robin Pennington have dedicated their lives helping orphaned children find good homes. Their family started with their biological daughter, Elizabeth, who is now 32-years-old. Since her birth, the Pennington's adopted five children and helped find homes for thousands more.

"Seth, 27, was adopted in the U.S. and diagnosed with Graves Disease at age 10; Hope, 19, was adopted in South Korea and was born with five heart defects, requiring numerous surgeries; and Noah, 17, [was also] adopted in South Korea with very short arms and a heart defect that has since been corrected. The remaining siblings are Kit, 29, adopted in the U.S.; and Ethan, 19, adopted in South Korea," People Magazine reports.

The Texas couple also found homes for orphans through their organization called "Hope for Orphans." They believe that every child deserves a place to call home and people to call family -- and so they built their lives on a solid foundation of helping others and giving back. Their eldest kids, Elizabeth and Kit have also adopted children, following in the footsteps of their parents.

"When a child goes into an adoptive home that is prepared for that child's needs, the reward is seeing that child become someone different right before your eyes. You see what love can do," said Robin Pennington.

The Texas couple finds homes for orphans through selfless acts of love. They are very active with their organization and hope that they can continue to have such rewarding success.

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