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Texas couple euthanizes alleged chupacabra

According to the April 4 report on the NY Daily News, a Texas couple euthanized what they believed to be the legendary chupacabra. They claimed they were being pressured by the game warden to either release it or euthanize it. Apparently the couple felt strongly enough it was a chupacabra that they did not release it to wreck havoc on the livestock in the community.

Texas couple euthanizes the alleged chupacabra
Alvin Padayachee/Public Domain

Jackie Stock and her husband Arlen Parma of Ratlcliffe, Texas, did admit that they became attached to the freakish-looking animal living in the cage in their yard. They even named it Chupa, although animal experts have theorized that it was a raccoon, dog, or coyote that had lost all its hair from mange.

Judge for yourself by watching the video attached to this article. The creature had extremely long claws, and Parma described its growl as "demonic."

Legend holds that the chupacabra kills goats and sucks their blood.

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