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Texas Congressional health-care reform opponents cashing in

A review of the Federal Election Commission's career fundraising since 1989 shows that the Congressional delegation representing Ellis County Texas, Congressman Joe Barton, Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison, and Senator John Cornyn, are cashing in from the healthcare and insurance industry to the tune of over $5.5 million.

Joe Barton alone, who has run virtually unopposed since 1989, has raised over almost $2.2 million dollars, $1.5 million of it coming from PACs, from the healthcare industry, second only to the money he's raised in the Energy sector. John Cornyn follows closely behind with a little over $2 million. Kay Bailey Hutchison is a somewhat distant third bringing in $1.3 million.

This money is being accepted at a time when Texas has become a national leader in rate of uninsured.

According to a Kaiser Family Foundation study, from 2007-2008, approximately 25.2% of Texans (6,023,000) are uninsured, which means Texas accounts for about 13% of all uninsured people in the United States. This also ranks Texas as number one in percent of uninsured in the United States and second only to California in raw number of uninsured. California has roughly one and one half times the population of Texas.

Requests for comment to the offices of Senators Cornyn and Hutchison and Congressman Barton were not immediately returned.