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Texas child opened gate, walked into yard of chained dog recovering from bites

On Sunday, the child was reported to be improving; his injuries were not life threatening.
On Sunday, the child was reported to be improving; his injuries were not life threatening.
El Paso Sheriff's Department FB

An 11-year-old-child opened a gate on Misty Court in Horizon City on Saturday without his parents permission and approached a large dog chained in the neighbor's yard. The child was bitten on the neck, arms, and back reported

A neighbor stated the owners of the dogs were not home, however there have been no problems with the dogs in the neighborhood in the past. She heard screaming on Saturday afternoon and ran out to find the child who was crying and holding his face:

"I've never had an issue with their dogs. It was an accident, a really bad accident. But again, it wasn't the pitbull's fault."

The youngster told authorities he was picking up his younger brother and went into the yard to pet the dogs.

The dog was removed by Animal Control on Monday. There has been no further information about the dog's future.

Humane advocates and some neighbors, however are upset that the dog is being punished. After all, the dog was in his backyard. Common sense tells everyone, including children to never approach a dog without the owner's permission, and to never randomly try to touch or pet a dog that is chained without the owner being present.

The children were unsupervised.

According to, the El Paso Sheriff's Office is investigating. On Sunday the child was reported doing fine; his injuries were not life threatening.

"Of course, we are all relieved that the child is going to recover, but does the dog deserve to die because the kid's parents weren't properly supervising him and his little brother? This sounds so horribly reminiscent of the case out in Arizona where the babysitter wasn't paying attention and the dog has to live in confinement for the rest of his life," stated Lisa Covington from New York City who fosters and rescues dogs out of high kill shelters.

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