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Texas Burlesque Festival accepting performer applications

Michelle L'amour headlined last year's Texas Burlesque Festival.
Michelle L'amour headlined last year's Texas Burlesque Festival.
Photo courtesy of the Texas Burlesque Festival

Pull out those pasties and dust of your dancing shoes - the Texas Burlesque Festival is now accepting applications for performers.

The normal application fee of $25 will apply until March 1. Late applications will be accepted from March 2 until April 1 for an additional $10 fee. Because of the limited number of slots, festival organizers are encouraging performers to apply as soon as possible.

The festival will run from Thursday, April 22 through Saturday April 24 and will include Nouveau Nuit for new performers; an Open Showcase to spotlight performers around the country; Competition night, where the queens of the scene battle for supremacy; and daytime workshops and a meet & greet session.

The coordinators added the Thursday night show to the festival in order to include new performers and troupes that are looking to break into the national scene but may not have an extensive performance background.

“We would not only like to showcase the best in the nation but also nurture new acts and tomorrow’s starlets by adding a special ‘Nouveau Nuit’ and workshops aimed at helping performers with booking, publicity and business plans” says festival co-producer, Roz.

In addition, the 2010 Texas Burlesque Festival will be featured in a national documentary about the American burlesque revival, now filming in several cities across the country. The film crews will be shooting throughout the festival including interviews with both the performers and the event patrons. Because of this, the festival will be held at the 501 Studios production facility to accommodate the additional filmingneeds.

Now in it’s third year, the festival is expanding in both length and breadth, planning for international performers, special guests and unprecedented media coverage. Hence the tongue-in-cheek warning from organizers: “Pack your pistols and pasties - it's gonna be a wild ride!”


  • EconGrrl 5 years ago

    When and where is the actual festival? It sounds like a great time, even if I'm just in the audience.

  • Rebecca Hadley 5 years ago

    The Festival is in Austin, April 22-24. If you click the blue highlighted link "Texas Burlesque Festival" in the story, it will take you to the site with all the details :)

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