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Texas boy stops mom from drowning his sisters: Teen saves girls, mom high on pot

Texas mom Sonya Ann Gardner was stopped by her teenage son after she tried to drown her two young girls.
Texas mom Sonya Ann Gardner was stopped by her teenage son after she tried to drown her two young girls.
Photo by Christopher Furlong/Getty Images

A Texas boy saved his two young sisters from being drowned by their mom, who was hopped up on marijuana and PCP, after the girls pushed the 35-year-old mother over the edge with their incessant pleas for snacks, reports The Dallas mom is now being held on a $1 million dollar bond on two charges of attempted murder. The 18-year-old son who rescued his drenched siblings from the bathtub of their apartment is at large, wanted for outstanding warrants.

Sonya Ann Gardner was reportedly locked inside of their bathroom with her two young daughters, ages 6 and 4. According to police records, 18-year-old Jydesmon Gardner heard his sisters screaming for help after Sonya tried to force the girl under the bath water. The teen, in possession of a firearm, blew off a round into the ceiling outside of the bathroom, but when his mother didn’t come out, Jydesmon kicked in the door and grabbed his sisters.

Jydesmon then fled the scene with his sisters, bringing them to a neighbor’s house before taking off. The teen has outstanding warrants for his arrest, and could be charged for felony possession of a firearm, despite his heroic actions to save his family from his doped up mother. The girls are now in temporary foster care.

Dallas police Maj. Rob Sherwin is asking that Jydesmon come forth as a witness, but did not comment on whether the teen’s warrant charges would be dropped. “It appears that his actions may have saved the lives of these two children,” Sherwin said during a press conference. “We would like to speak to Mr. Gardner as a witness.”

Ernest Gardner, the family father, was stunned by the actions of Sonya. “We don’t really understand why this happened but at the same time, it never happened before,” Gardner said. “For this to happen this is totally out of her character.” Neighbors reported seeing the mother sobbing and repeatedly apologizing as she was brought out of the apartment and placed under arrest. It's not clear if Sonya was still together or separated from the father of her children.

The Daily News, which carried photos of Gardner, her son and her two baby girls, reported that the six year old girl told police that they were “fixing to die,” and that their mom going to “drown us in the bath” because they were asking for snacks. Toxicology reports showed that Gardner was was high on a combination of marijuana and the recreational dissociative drug Phencyclidine (PCP).

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