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Texas boy saves mom from drowning his two younger siblings

Bath Tub
Bath Tub
wikimedia commons

A teen boy actually saved his two siblings from his mom who tried to drown them. On Sunday, USS Post shared that this 18-year-old boy was able to save his siblings. His mother was high on PCP and marijuana so for some reason she thought this was a good idea. The relationship between these siblings actually saved their lives.

Sonya Gardner put her children age 4 and 6 into the bathtub to drown them. The older boy heard their screams and came rushing that way to save their lives. He fired a gunshot into the air and then kicked down the bathroom door to get into the room. He was willing to do whatever it took to save his siblings from their mother.

One of the younger children said that their mom wanted to drown them simply because they asked for a snack. The brother dropped the kids off with the neighbor. After doing that, he left the scene and wasn't even around to be told what a hero he was because he has a warrant out for his arrest. Regardless this young boy saved his siblings life.