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Texas Beer Refinery: Engineering the beer you love

Texas Beer Refinery
Texas Beer Refinery
Texas Beer Refinery

Houston area residents know the Kemah area well. Its amusement park rides and bayside location make it a great place for fun and recreation and it is often listed among the nation’s top boardwalks. Now, Kemah is going to have a new attraction to call its own: A brand new brewpub concept unlike any other in the area. The operation is the Texas Beer Refinery, scheduled to open for business in the spring of 2014.

A Different Type of Brewpub

Texas Beer Refinery is a new concept in brewpubs. Unlike other brewpub operations, which brew and sell a variety of beers onsite according to the brewer’s/owners specifications, Texas Beer Refinery has something a little different in mind. Rather than brew only its own products, this new brewpub plans to brew custom beers. Yes, it will brew some of its own, but it wants to change the way people think about brewpubs by creating beers inspired by the desires of its retail clients.

Behind the Scenes

Bringing together years of experience in brewing and business, Texas Beer Refinery is operated by two individuals with a love of fine brew. John Hearn, owning partner, is an award- winning brewer with more than ten years’ experience. He is joined by Ryan Rhodes, a businessman with more than a decade of professional experience in business development, management, marketing, and more. Through their combination of industry know- how and the desire to refine our craft beer drinking routine, these two men plan to reshape and re- engineer the way we think about the beverage we love.

The Beer that Suits Your Needs

Texas Beer Refinery is a unique approach to the brewpub concept. Its custom- engineering concept is one without much representation in the business, but it could easily catch on. Imagine your own company creating its own beer for the next holiday party. Or how about a customized beer brewed especially for your next family reunion. The possibilities are endless and the personalization of beer could easily become the next phase of the still booming craft beer business.

Texas Beer Refinery is only months away from its official opening, so as of today, there is no facility open for visitation. If things continue as planned, the new brewpub will open its taps sometime in the second quarter of 2014, bringing fresh, distinctive beer to the people of Kemah and the millions of tourists who visit its attractions each year. It’s an interesting concept that may completely change the way we think about beer and brewing.

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