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Texas Attorney General says Cancer Research Institute owes $328,000

The Cancer Prevention Research Institute of Texas (CPRIT) is under attack by the Attorney General of the state. The agency has had to deal with a good deal of backlash over the CPRIT Foundation, a privately funded arm of the state funded cancer research agency. At issue is the supplementation of the executives salaries.

According to the Foundation is now planning to shut down amid the announcement of an investigation into its donors and expenditures and debate about the Institutes inclusion in the Texas state budget.

However, the Texas Attorney General is disputing the amount of remaining money owed, and how much the state-run CPRIT organization should receive from the Foundation.

The Associated Press is reporting the Foundation will shut down within 60 days.

In the Attorney General’s letter, he outlines several expenses, including “$36,000 for a monthly retainer to Austin-based JHL Co., which is run by Jennifer Stevens, who was the executive director of the CPRIT Foundation. A $20 parking ticket is also listed as a disallowed expense.” the Attorney General is calling for a more detailed account of the foundation’s expenses as well, which very well may lead to a continued reassessment of what the CPRIT Foundation will owe the state of Texas in the end.


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