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Texans QB's are in battle mode to begin season

Tom Savage looks to grab the starter role this season
Tom Savage looks to grab the starter role this season,

Once we learned that the Houston Texans would not be selecting a quarterback in the first round named Johnny Manziel or Teddy Bridgewater, the tall task of seeking a quarterback would not be easy.

However the Texans eventually drafted Tom Savage in the fourth round out of Penn State, Bill O'Brien's former employer. The Texans have a bigger problem, with four quarterbacks currently on the roster, who's gets an opportunity to start the season opener?

O'Brien has stated that every quarterback has an fair opportunity to compete for the starting job. During OTA's O'Brien and his staff will watch all four quarterback and make a solid decision as the regular season approaches.

The Texans currently have T.J. Yates, Case Keenum, Ryan Fitzpatrick to go along with Savage on their roster.

"Whether it’s two weeks from now, three weeks from now, two months from now … we’ll make a determination on who gets the most reps to get them ready for the game," O’Brien said. "But we’re not there right now. We’ve got to continue to give these guys an equal amount of reps to give them an equal shot."

Fitzpatrick has been a starter in the NFL with eight years experience, understands the grind of competing for that starting spot.
"It's a very productive time for us, just because of all the new things that are going on out there," he said.

T.J. Yates who led the Houston Texans to a playoff victory in 2012, is excited at the opportunity to truly compete for the starting job.
"If you like a certain thing here, you want to signal a route to a guy, or you kind of just want to take control, there's lots of options that you can have in this offense," Yates said. "Lots of places to go. It's a matchup offense."

Case Keenum with one year of playing experience last season, completing over half of his passes, throwing for 1760 yards with nine touchdowns, and six interceptions.

"It's going to be suited to fit whatever guys we have that can play," said Keenum of the new O'Brien style offense.

"You gotta know everything. Whether it's the looks the defense is giving you. Where people on your side are supposed to line up, everything," said Savage.

The good thing for Savage is none of the quarterbacks competing are vastly superior to each other, which gives all of them an equal chance to obtain the starting spot. O'Brien as of late has very pleased with his quarterbacks in camp.

While understanding O'Brien's offense and being able to disseminate it to the other players on the team, all of the quarterbacks believe that the offense is easy enough to execute efficiently.

Savage has his work cut out for him, however if he shows an enormous amount of skill during OTA's and pre season, he has a great chance of making the starting spot come September 7th.

"The job as a quarterback is to get the ball out of our hands in whatever way that is," Keenum said. "Run, pass, get it to the guys who can make plays."

Time will reveal who will start this season, however one thing is for certain, players won't have to be concerned with a bunch of pick six's being thrown now that Matt Schaub is in Oakland.

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