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Texans players ready for fans to 'bring it'

That big ol' elbow is just fine.  No need to ask about it any more.
That big ol' elbow is just fine. No need to ask about it any more.
Jamie Squire/Getty Images

You can tell that Texans fans are starting to get pumped for the season opener against the Dolphins but it sounds like the players are getting equally excited for what the fans will bring to Reliant Stadium next Sunday.

J.J. Watt was one of the Texans players to meet with local media Monday afternoon and he indicated that he and his teammates are already talking about the crazy atmosphere that will help usher in the 2012 season.

When asked about the vibe in the locker room, Watt said:

The vibe in the locker room is like this, we came out for that first home preseason game (against the 49ers) and you would have swore it was a playoff game with the atmosphere with the way the fans were going crazy. We’re in there already talking about what our fans are going to be like for the first regular season game. We know they’re going to be rowdy. We know they’re going to be loud. I don’t even know if we’re ready for what they’re about to bring. -

In other words Texans fans, 'bring it!'

And no, that doesn't mean do the wave when the Texans have the ball. Ushers have been instructed to remove people for such foolish behavior.

And by the way, Watt is getting sick of the question "how's the elbow?" So don't ask anymore, ok?

Watt posted this on his Twitter page after the press conference:

Sick of talking about my elbow. The elbow is good. Let's play some football. #BullsOnParade

See you on Sunday.


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