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Tests show world champion Caster Semenya has abnormal levels of testosterone


Caster Semenya. Photo: AP

Preliminary test results have shown that 18-year-old  Caster Semenya from South Africa has three times the normal female level of testosterone, according to The Sydney Morning Herald this morning.
The most common such hormonal condition is polycystic ovarian syndrome, which affects between 5 and 10 percent of the population, according to the Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome Association of Australia.
The tests were conducted after Semenya's radically improved race times caused doubts about her gender. Semenya won 800m gold at the World Championships in Athletics in Berlin last week.


  • WILFRED WILBARD 5 years ago

    Any talk about testosterone levels is irrelevant at this moment, unless it evolves from deliberate doping. Otherwise Semenya is simmply a girl who is very strong, and there is nothing wrong with that according to existing rules. Whoever wants to victimise her in future should alter the rules and test all female athletes for the levels to be accepted.

  • George Bastien 5 years ago

    So that's one the result of one of the many tests required to figure out the truth. This will have influence on the final decision by the IAAF, but still we will have to wait until the other test results come in for the IAAF to decide if Caster should have been allowed to race.

    Let me stress to all the ignorant people out there that this issue is very complicated, and simply having one or the other genitalia doesn't necessarily define Caster as a male or female.

  • Duane Wayne 5 years ago

    According to whats happening, that is if it's concluded that she is not a female, we can no longer sex our children at birth but first we must wait until their testosterone levels are tested and well we pretty much have to put all our children through all the test that Semenya must go through. Well perhaps it will give the transgendered community a boost, if you can take tests to prove what you are, then alot of people will be happy, because they actually want to be identified as the sex they are not. If she was feminine, petite, drop dead gorgeous, large breast, but still had record setting times and high testosterone would we still be testing for gender? I suspect we would only be testing for performance enhancing drugs. I think there is more to winning medals than what takes place on the field and after seeing her time improvements, opponents are trying their best to ruin HER mindset and performance, it's their only chance!

  • edwin 5 years ago


  • edwin 5 years ago

    if the parents says she's a girl and theres a record of, say, menstruation, then she should pass as a girl whose built up is "more than the average female"

  • Some Dude 5 years ago

    I still don't see the relationship between her times improving and her gender. So as long as she stayed slow it was alright if she didn't look like a hollywood starlet? But as soon as she put in more work she's no longer a woman? Seems to me like it should have just been left as a question as to whether she was using any illegal substances, not bring her entire genetic make-up into question. Bottom line is, even with her elevated levels, if she wasn't doping, she's still a woman. The track and field world should be ashamed of themselves. There is no regulation as to what level of testosterone a woman, or man, should be allowed to produce naturally that I know of.

  • WILFRED WILBARD 5 years ago

    George Bastien
    I think you are wrong in many ways. You are making arguments, which proves that you are not waiting. Secondly, I suspect that you regard yourself as a man, even if you may not have been forced to undergo complicated tests to verify your gender. At any rate, such tests will be rejected by the world if they allow more chances to white girls, who are naturaly slower.