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Testosterone supplements and its relationship with prostate cancer

Testosterone supplements. Yea or nay?
Testosterone supplements. Yea or nay?
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They are seen almost everywhere, advertisements that promote the use of dietary supplements, including those that are promoted as natural hormones. These supplements go virtually unchecked for the dramatic claims that are made and are not required to undergo the strenuous testing by the Food and Drug Administration. Hence being free of harmful ingredients and contaminants are not guaranteed.

According to John Hopkins Reports, the potential dangers of these unregulated substances were underscored recently. The University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center in Dallas reported that two men, ages 51 and 67, developed widely metastatic prostate cancer within months of beginning a testosterone dietary supplement that was advertised in a fitness magazine. Both men had been screened for prostate cancer within the previous 11 months and were found to have normal PSA levels and digital rectal exams at that time.

While it is not possible to draw firm conclusions that the testosterone supplement was responsible for the cancer, it is the growth factor, and supplemental doses will feed the cancerous cells exponentially.

It is most essential to advise your physician of all supplements that are being used and this responsibility of providing that information lies squarely on the patients shoulder. All medical practices will ask for a list of current medications, few however will inquire about supplements and that includes multi-vitamins as well.

Not all supplements are dangerous and indeed some are even good for your health but consulting with your physician prior to starting a regimen is always the best route to take.




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