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Testify today

     Have you ever received an email containing a story to be believed? Sometimes the stories are real and we take them at face value. Other times, the stories are myths to get people to believe something for one reason or another.

     We hear bible stories, we tell bible stories, and we chose whether or not to believe or to share it with other people. We hear people sharing testimonies about what God has done for them and chose whether or not to believe what we have heard.

    In the Bible, book of Acts, Paul was a specially gifted believer. He spoke boldly about Jesus and the crucifixion. He gave testimony about his personal sufferings as a believer and the conviction of suffering for Christ’s sake. He performed miracles that stirred people to believe in God and be baptized.
     The old wise tales we hear will come and go, but Paul’s stories are forever recorded in the Bible to be referenced. 
     What stories are we telling? Are we telling the stories or myths from email? God wants us to share our personal testimony. When we share faithfully and with true motive to help someone, we have no fear of gossip or slander because we know God has a purpose. Today, somebody needs to hear what you believe and why you believe so they can find their own path and gain convictions for the future. Testify today.

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  • sym syms 5 years ago

    i dont believe in the stories. i believe what i have seen. therefore im a living testimony. because i know what i have seen is real and true, i dont have to worry about how the enemy tries to come up against my testimony. God is not man that He should lie, neither are His actions false. i have only questioned God when it was not within my timing, but never His action or His results. once He moves or speaks, thats when its just AMEN. i have been spoiled by God. i saw a lot as a child, and now i wait on Him as an adult with anticipation like a child to see Him move because i have stories. i have testimonies. i just want to be able to tell new ones all the time. lol but im learning that i was a witness then, now im a soldier in that same war... being a LIVING story or testimony for someone else that is watching and waiting to tell how they saw God move for me. just like we keep telling Paul's. hmmmm... great food for thought Monica.