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Tested on Obama: The perfect gift for your favorite celebrity

Princess Diana famously said “I don’t want expensive gifts. I don’t want to be bought”. This statement perfectly captivates the dilemma faced by anyone intending to offer a gift to a rich, powerful or famous person. How do you give them the perfect gift?

Take Obama for instance; imagine you had to give him a gift. What would you give him? Of course opting for something expensive would be foolish – he can buy himself whatever he wants. You have to find something, simple, unique and impressive. A few months ago, group of hipsters from Russia was in such a dilemma: they wanted to offer a gift to Mr. and Mrs. Obama. They thought it would be a fun thing to surprise the most powerful couple on earth.

After a lot of deliberation, they settled on a gift item so simple and yet so unique that it captivated the Obamas. But what was the gift?

The answer is so simple, it is almost laughable. The Russians gave the Obamas cats. Two cats. No, they were not live felines. They were specially designed, hand crafted cats. They featured a simple but unique design. A perfect fusion of traditional artistry and modern computer design. The cats looked intriguing, stunning and captivating.

When the word about the cats first leaked to collectors circles, it caused quite a sensation. Suddenly everybody wanted a piece of the action. But the cats were nowhere to be seen. Nobody knew what they looked like. Or where to find them. This is how Farewell My Sanity became famous. Somebody who knew the design decided that other people deserved the cats as well.

Just a few weeks after its launch, Timati’s Los Angeles based fans placed an order. These ardent fans wanted the perfect gift to give the rap star, in commemoration of his 30th Anniversary. They called it The Black Star Edition Cat (Timati’s alias is Mr. Black Star). They paid $10,000 for it. During Timati’s anniversary concert, he performed while holding the cat in his hand.

The ultimate question is: what is it about the cats that they can impress the most powerful couple on earth, and a celebrity as well? That question will be answered shortly. However, to understand the power of the cats, it is necessary to know a few things about Farewell My Sanity.

First of all, Farewell My Sanity is exclusively dedicated to ensure that people can have access to the famous cats. However, the goal is not solely to make money. The goal is to ensure that whoever buys a cat gets more than just a cute feline. We’ll get to the extra benefits later.

Farewell My Sanity has made a limited number of the cats. In fact, the specific number is 999. As soon as the 999th cat is sold, there will never be another made. Never! Now this seems counterintuitive. After all, with the sensation the cats are causing over the web, the smartest strategy would be to make as many as possible, flood them on eBay and Amazon, and make millions. But this is not the intention of these behind Farwell My Sanity.

The intention is to give people access to the cats alright. But there is a more important intention – to preserve the intrinsic value of the cats. The intrinsic value of something comes not from its monetary cost; it comes from relative scarcity. The fewer people have something, the higher the intrinsic value. This is the reason behind the 999. But, why 999 and not say 210 or 735? The real reason for that is revealed at length in the Farewell My Sanity website, Those intrigued by such details can check it out.

For now, let’s proceed to the pricing. This article started by quoting Princess Diana castigating expensive gifts. Somewhere in the middle, it mentioned Timati’s fans paying $10,000 for a single cat. That looks like a contradiction. But it is not. The fact is that Timati’s fans were not charged that amount, the paid that because they were so impressed with the cat!

The real pricing strategy is simple and direct. The first cat made was priced at $1,000. Every cat bought added $1 to the value of the next cat i.e. when the first cat was bought at $1,000; the second was sold for $1001, the third for $1002, and so on. Now, this seems a rather bizarre pricing strategy. However, getting into the details of the pricing structure is not the intention of this article. Again, whoever is intrigued by such details can find the answers at

We shall now focus on the cats. The reason why the cats are so captivating is because of their design. Each cat is simple and yet classy, cute, bold, playful and even quirky design. The cats are designed to appeal to the aesthetic sense which is nascent in every human being. Whoever sees one of the cats just “feels” quality, artistry and class oozing out of it. Each cat has an aura elegance around it.

What makes these cats truly unique is that each one is specifically designed, and attached to a specific person. This is how it works: Each cat has unique number as well as a unique QR-code. When the QR-code is scanned, it opens the owner’s page at The owner’s page has their photo, as well as links their Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and personal websites.

Each cat is specifically handcrafted, and made out of the most expensive luxury leather on the market. The leather used is Italian, and is the same as the one used for fashioning luxury bags and shoes. The designs fuse the leather with precious fabrics, to give a feel of elegance and class. The cats can also serve as backpacks for iPad mini and iPhone 5.

The cats are perfect for anyone who appreciates style, elegance and good taste. They can make the perfect gift for a celebrity. Given their limited number, they are a great collector’s item. They are also fast selling out because orders are coming in droves. Whoever wants a piece of the action will have to move swiftly. Orders can be placed at the Farewell My Sanity website, Like Princes Diana said, the perfect gift doesn’t have to be expensive. But it surely has to be unique, elegant and classy.

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