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Test your mate's accuracy and precision over beer and darts

Bull's Eye!
Bull's Eye!
Christian Gidlof

There’s nothing like a pint in one hand and a trio of sharp darts in the other to liven up a week night. So instead of dinner and a sitcom at home, head to a comfortable local pub to challenge your partner to a game of Cricket.

The Ashford Pub, located in West Houston on 14605 Perthshire, is everything a good bar should be: dimly lit with plenty of excellent beers on tap, a loud digital jukebox, cool bartenders and a steady crowd of patrons from young to old. Tuesday nights are good for darts because karoke and bands aren’t scheduled, so the stage/ game area will be free.

Sip your Guinness and assemble an upbeat soundtrack that will lead you on the path to victory. Start the smack talk and throw a couple of warm up shots at any of the four dart boards available in the pub. Your goal in Cricket is to close out the 19, 18, 17, 16, 15 and bulls eye before the opposition.

Many great things can be learned from few rounds of darts. You’ll be reminded of the elementary principal of taking turns while simultaneously examining his butt in those freshly washed jeans as he steps up to mark his score. Discover why precision means little without its better half, accuracy. Find out if you throw better after one drink or two and which songs give you that extra winning edge.

If you’re meeting with your mate downtown for happy hour after work, the Flying Saucer at 705 Main Street also has a lot to offer. It’s always loud and busy, but there will be a tremendous selection of beer, hearty edibles and a couple of dart boards if you’re lucky enough to get a spot. Another nice option is the Brewery Tap at 717 Franklin Street. Wherever you go, you and your love will have fun unwinding over a cold beverage and teasing each other during a bit of healthy competition.