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Test your lab knowledge with the Indianapolis laboratory examiner

The Dutchess looks into microscope
Photo by Chris Jackson/Getty Images

Deanna Erickson, MLT ASCP(cm), and Indianapolis Laboratory Examiner is excited to announce the first installment of a series of quizzes and educational material designed to keep laboratory personnel current with their continuing education requirements as mandated by the Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendment of 1988 (CLIA). This material is free to the public, and open to any individual looking to test or expand their knowledge of laboratory testing.
This material is in beta-testing stages. At this time, Indianapolis Laboratory Examiner is suggesting saving a copy of a successfully completed and scored quiz as evidence of .25 continuing laboratory education credits. Acceptance by the ASCP or AMT as CMLE is not guaranteed at this time, but subscribers will be the first to know when this has been accomplished.

CLIA guidelines require that laboratory personnel complete 12 hours of continuing medical laboratory education per year. Often, this is accomplished through programs provided by the workplace. However, in smaller organizations these programs are not always cost-effective. Achieving the CLIA required 12 continuing medical laboratory education (CMLE) credits per year can also be a challenge for unemployed, part-time, temporary, or laboratory professionals working in non-traditional job categories. The Indianapolis Laboratory Examiner is looking forward to assisting professionals satisfy their CMLE needs.

Click here to take the first quiz, brush up on, and test your knowledge of the clinical laboratory!

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