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Test your fitness with the Fitathlon

Like the well-known triathlon, decathlon and duathlon events, a fitathlon also is a fitness challenge that tests your strength, endurance, athleticism and mental toughness. However, the Fitahlon’s challenges have from 15 to 20 obstacles - such as Transverse Walls, 5-Foot Walls, Cargo Nets, Tire Flips and Calisthenics - that take place over a 5k or 10k distance.

The Washington D.C./Virginia Fitathlon Challenge will take place on Saturday, April 12, 2014, at Bulls Run Regional Park in Centerville, VA.

The Fitathlon offers a fitness challenge for all ages and all fitness levels:

  • Newbie - for those for whom this is a new experience and who are not concerned with their finish time.
  • Beginner - Not serious competitors, but who work out on a regular basis and enjoy a challenge.
  • Challenger - For those in good shape, like challenges, exercise regularly, can run a 5k and who lift weights.
  • Competitor - This category is for those in great shape, who can complete the entire course without walking and who have completed and done well in other obstacle events.
  • Super Competitor (Limited to 100 participants) - This is for the most fit.
  • Kids Course - For kids ages 6 to 12. The kids course is between a half a mile to one mile in length, with walls, cargo nets, balance beams, etc.
  • Middle/High School - Middle and High School students will complete the Fitathlon Challenge course at the Beginner and Challenger level respectively. The big tire obstacle will be eliminated for Middle School students.