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Test your Diabetes IQ in honor of American Diabetes Month

Knowledge is power when it comes to diabetes prevention
Knowledge is power when it comes to diabetes prevention

November kicks-off the holiday season of large meals and sugary sweets. The American Diabetes Association has designated November American Diabetes Month to remind us to be aware of our lifestyle choices this season.

The Colorado Diabetes Prevention and Control Program estimates one in 19 Coloradans is affected by diabetes. The greatest management and prevention tool for diabetes has proven to be education, so test and raise your diabetes IQ with this quiz. The answers appear in the next article titled "Answers to the diabetes IQ test"

True or False:

1. Type I diabetes is the most common form of diabetes.

2. A diagnosis of pre-diabetes means the patient must go on medication right away.

3. Type II diabetes is caused by lifestyle factors, such as lack of exercise and a high-calorie diet.

4. Everyone with diabetes is on a diabetic diet

5. Women who develop diabetes during pregnancy will have diabetes for the rest of their lives

6. Children are the most affected by diabetes in Colorado.

How did you do? Check your answers here.