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Test marijuana sellers for drugs.....huh?

Don't even bother testing these guys!!!
Don't even bother testing these guys!!!

Should a company that sells marijuana products drug test their employees?

OpenVape, Colorado's largest cannabis company, which has been growing like a free bong circle at a college frat house, has announced that it will begin testing employees for drugs. (hint: don’t inhale too deeply while waiting on a customer with bloodshot eyes)

Is that like testing a baker for flour? Testing a politician for Hypocrisy?

Marijuana is still federally classified as a ‘schedule 1’ drug which means the people who make the rules still live in a place where all Dorothy has to do is click her heels 3 times and she’s home.

U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder said he would work with lawmakers to remove marijuana from the list of ‘Substances that cause limited happiness and then you nod off or look for some Ben and Jerry’s.’

Overdose on pot? Yes, it’s called ‘sleep’.

The good news is that the testing will not extend to cannabis use, although the company's 125 employees are not allowed to smoke weed before or during work hours. They may be too incoherent says owner Bob ‘Big Bong’ Anderson. We need both the customers and our employees to be on the same page and the same planet.

“We don’t want our employees to look like our customers. There’s got to be a distinction.”

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