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Test Drive: Qualcomm updates Toq smartwatch, adding Nuance Text to Speech Engine

Toq is one of the lesser known smartwatches on the market, but that isn't stopping Qualcomm from continuing to push the platform forward with some substantial updates.

Qualcomm's Toq Smartwatch gains Speech-to-Text from the same engine which powers Siri!
Juan Carlos Bagnell

What started out as a tech test bed for pushing notifications and alerts to our wrist, has moved forward considerably since its launch. Recently an accelerometer was activated, allowing for fitness tracking through the Toq's smartphone companion app. Now, we're Qualcomm is turning on a microphone that many of us didn't know was built into the Toq, which allows for Speech to Text transcription.

Toq's software is built on the Nuance Speech Recognition Engine which also powers Siri on the iPhone. It works via server, so your phone will need to have an open data connection for transcription to work. The entire system works fairly quickly considering audio is sent over Bluetooth to your phone, uploaded to a server, then sent back down to your phone, and delivered via text message. It's a handy system for punching out a quick text reply without having to fumble with your phone.

Any new product which hits the market will take a little time before consumers feel comfortable investing in the platform. Qualcomm is at least showing that they're continuing to support the hardware, and the updates so far have delivered significant capability to a product which felt fairly limited when it was first released. These aren't token updates or bug fixes. Not just a new coat of polish or a pretty watch face, but actual functionality.

Hit the related video to see Qualcomm's Speech to Text engine in action!

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