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Tess Boyer is Saint Louis' latest chance at winning 'The Voice'

Caroline Glaser. Theresa Payne. Angie Johnson. These Saint Louis born and bred musical talents all have one thing in common: they've all attempted to win the big prize on NBC's reality show "The Voice". However, the money prize of $100k as well as the record deal from Universal Music has continued to elude the grasp of Saint Louis' most eager contestants.

Not that it's stopping any of these artists from reaching their goals, mind you. Caroline Glaser has released one EP and is well on her way to releasing a second. Teresa Payne is also creating new music with her latest single, "Bye Fear". And Angie Johnson could live forever on her famous cover of "Rolling In The Deep" which went viral several years back.

But this year, in the sixth and current season of "The Voice", the win may finally go to a Saint Louis talent. Our city's hopes of getting the Voice crown lies on the shoulders of Tess Boyer. Boyer is currently situated on Team Shakira and was narrowly saved from elimination only last week with her cover of Kelly Clarkson's "Dark Side".

There is something deliciously edgy about facing elimination on "The Voice" with a song from the first "American Idol" winner, but it worked for Boyer. Boyer has a history of picking songs that fit her strong yet emotionally vulnerable vocals, from "Dark Side" to Bon Jovi's "I'll Be There For You". It's no wonder Shakira picked Boyer to be on her team.

Tess Boyer will be performing tonight to stay on the show and hopefully advance into the final rounds. It will be up to her fans to keep her dreams alive and out of the current roster of Saint Louis hopefuls who reached so high and yet fell so far on stage. The results of tonight's show will be announced on the following show this Tuesday.

Team Shakira has yet to push a vocalist into the winning spot of "The Voice". This sixth season may soon end with a Shakira singer as the country's favorite star - and it might even be a Saint Louis voice to boot.

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