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TESLA, the new green vehicle

Recently I was listening to the radio about all the improvements Tesla corporation is making with electric vehicles. With the onset of the Tesla cars not only are they incorporating low emission cars , but they are also looking into more affordable cars for everyone's use.

Tesla is staying away from using Petroleum, which not only disturbs the environment during transportation, but also emits gas.

80 per cent of our poor air quality comes from pollution and car fumes.

The Tesla is a genius car inside and out. Vacationing with a friend in Santa Monica, the hotel offered the Tesla as part of our transportation to and from our restaurant. The driver was proud to take us to Venice and it was amazing to be in such a classy car. Not only does it look good inside and. It is good for our environment.

While driving cars that cost up to $180.00 a week to fill up I realized how much I was paying. Trading in to a more gas friendly car has really shown a great savings.

I am not a big preacher or a sales person on specific ideas, yet this has made a difference in my pocketbook.

When reading about green today, it is no longer a fantasy or a thing so far in the future. All of us are becoming aware of the need to save our lives Whether it is in our health, in our careers or in our environment

You go Tesla.

But Tesla is not the only car manufacturer making head ways. I purchased a Mini Cooper countryman less than a year ago. My car expenses are cut in half and the efficiency of BMW is unbelieveable. Stem to stern unlimited car care at BMWS expense up to 3 years. What a joy to walk into a dealership, get a loaner and walk out without any bills. The car is fast and efficient withthecutest body around. Here I was a loyal Mercedes owner for years. Now I am a convert. Love to be able to fit into every small parking space available.

Just bought my daughter a Masda and she too is experiencing the lower gas miles and the efficiency of the engine.

Not a myth, energy savings are here to stay. Greenis here to stay. People are really concerned about our environment.

As always, keep our environment safe.


Eileen Gould


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