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Tesla Four-Season Supercar at the 2011 NAIAS

Tesla Four-Season Supercar at 2011 NAIAS
Tesla Four-Season Supercar at 2011 NAIAS
Jeremy Rooney - Detroit Performance Car Examiner

Telsa Motors claims to have created a supercar that can brave the harshest winter weather. The Tesla Four-Season Supercar is now displaying at the 2011 NAIAS in Detroit. This new roadster sports an advanced lithium-ion battery with a built in heater allowing the car to run in below zero weather without hesitation. The Tesla Four-Season Supercar also contains immediate interior temperature control and quick acting seat warmers. The roadster's weight is concentrated in the rear axle and with the adaptive traction control activated the Tesla Four-Season Supercar sticks to a snowy winter road like glue.

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