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Tesla browsing report: Drudge 'commanded 10 percent of all Tesla page views'

The Drudge Report is a hit with Tesla drivers
The Drudge Report is a hit with Tesla drivers
Getty Images: L)Evan Agostini R)Joe Raedle

According to an April 3, 2014 link on The Drudge Report, Tesla drivers are using their in-dash browser to check out the most recent headlines on the Drudge Report. A study by Quantcast reveals that a whopping ten percent of all page views go straight to the Drudge Report, which is considered a site prolific with conservative news links.

The technology available to Tesla Model S drivers includes a 17-inch touch screen. For passengers and drivers, the screen is handily located in the center of the console. Drivers or passengers may make connection with a server and browse online.

Quantcast isolated searches from the Tesla drivers and were able to discover that 54 percent of webpage views on the Model S sedan's built-in web browser were spent on news websites, and the Drudge Report scarfed up ten percent of all of the views. From over 460,000 page views studied between the months of February and March, this year, Quantcast discovered that though 26 percent of page views were attributed to local news sites, financial news, sports news, the Drudge Report figured heavily in viewing preferences.

There is no way to tell if passenger preference accounts for a percentage of page views leaning towards entertainment and lifestyle sites or those that lean towards finance or the Drudge Report. It's not surprising there is another 15 percent for service sites, which might be related to checking out everything from "Where shall we dine tonight," to finding the best mechanic in town.

Over on the Huffington Post, the conclusion was that the surfing affinity of the average Tesla driver indicated the driver was a "conservative financier," based upon the ten percent of online traffic flow to the Drudge Report. Though it makes sense that any consumer who can afford a Tesla would probably be interested in sites that have to do with their money; however, it doesn't necessarily follow that the driver is a political right-wing.

The Drudge Report attracts all kinds of visitors and a high percentage of liberal journalists often use the Drudge name in their articles, including Huffington Post. It may merely be that the drivers flock to The Drudge Report because Matt Drudge's page is known as a go-to site for the latest update for news headlines. The unanswered question of the day: Does Matt Drudge drive a Tesla?

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