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Tesla Apple rumors: Details of secret meeting leak out

Tesla Apple rumors ran wild after details of secret meeting leaked out. No one knows exactly what discussed. According to Digital Trends on Feb 18, executives from both companies met last spring.

There has been much speculation. Some whispers indicate Apple is mulling acquiring the upstart eco-car company...

Tesla Apple rumors of a merger could make sense as Apple is struggling to innovate. Combining the resources of two top Silicon Valley companies might make sense at this stage in their history.

The Tesla Apple rumors would be a better deal or Apple since they seem to have been riding on the coattails of innovations from the Steve jobs era for the last few years rather than breaking new ground.

The merger could be something less such as combining forces to leverage the new battery factory that Tesla is building. Apparently both companies use the same type of batteries in their products.

Tesla certainly has the bigger product release this year with the anxiously anticipated Model X SUV. Apple is only rumored to be launching new iPhone 6 models in September and maybe a phablet. Maybe they just want to combine the two new products into one.

What do you think about the Tesla Apple rumors story? Please drop in your comments below.

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