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Knox case reignites old new world clash of values

Will the Kercher family receive justice?
Will the Kercher family receive justice?
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Updated on Monday February 3rd

Rudy Guede is the only member of the former student clique serving a 16 year sentence for the 2007 murder of Meredith Kercher, the deceased British roommate of Amanda Knox. The Italian Supreme Court reversed a lower appellate court last week, reinstating the sentences of Knox and her former boyfriend, Raffaele Sollecito. Knox receiived 28 and a half years. Sollecito received 25.

Knox, currently back in Seattle, already served four years for this bizarre murder which occurred in Perugia. In an exclusive with ABC, Knox told Good Morning America she "would never willingly go back" to Italy. where prosecutors initially theorized that Kercher died in a sex game. During the retrial, this theory was scraped in favor of tensions over personal hygiene, hardly a more plausible motive for such a gruesome and bloody incident.

What comes next, as it relates to any possible request for extradition by the Italian authorities, is anyone's guess. Amanda vows to fight the Italian justice system, claiming innocence. Sollecito has reportedly surrendered his passport, and denies that he was attempting to flee Italy ahead of the Supreme Court's decision. The US State Department isn't talking, and legal analysts conclude the attractiveness of Miss Knox is an asset that works in her favor.

The judge who presided over the reinstatement, meanwhile, has expressed his "anguish" over the Knox trial, telling reporters it was "emotionally tough". The Kercher family, however, welcomes the ruling. "They are tired of this and want justice," said Francesi Maresca, the Kercher family attorney.