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Terry St. John at Dolby Chadwick, Matisse, 'Soundwave' at SOMArts

Terry St. John at Dolby Chadwick
Terry St. John at Dolby Chadwick
@Dolby Chadwick

Terry St. John at Dolby Chadwick. Returning to painting after a serious illness, St. John moves toward abstraction in his thickly painted works. “Light is transformative,” the artist explains, “it impacts everything I do. As a landscape painter, the time of day you paint makes a big difference.”

Mat Gonzales wrote, "What is immediately striking about the Dolby Chadwick show are the large figurative paintings, which range in size from 48 in. x 42 in. to 60 in. x 48 in. In each case the figure is clearly recognizable but the heavy impasto obliterates facial detail and adds shadowing elements just underneath the built-up paint that changes depending on what kind of light hits the surface. The highlighted edges bring attention to key elements in the composition. These imposing paintings are laden with paint and give the impression that they are still wet."

More from the review at SFAQ:

It is also the final days for "Matisse," at the Legion of Honor. After nearly a year on view, "Matisse from SFMOMA" will close on September 7, 2014. This jewel-sized exhibition showcases 23 paintings, bronzes, and drawings from SFMOMA's acclaimed Matisse collection, joined by four important works from the collection of the Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco.

On view at the Legion of Honor through September 7, 2014.

"Soundwave" at SOMArts Cultural Center: While California faces one of the most severe droughts on record, "Soundwave ((6)) Water, " San Francisco's acclaimed biennial festival of innovative sound, art and music, creatively explores our most important natural resource.

The festival, which continues through September, features two immersive experiences: Artists reveal mystifying aquatic properties through visible sound and vibration at Aquaphonic and explore fears and personal connections to water using movement, sound, storytelling and instruments at Water Storied. Advance tickets are recommended.

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