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Terry Jeffrey: Obama wants to brainwash kids into Communism & bisexuality

Terry Jeffrey
Terry Jeffrey

During the March 18, 2014 broadcast of The Janet Mefferd Show, CNS News editor-in-chief Terry Jeffrey insisted that pre-school, and the entire school system as a whole, are directly inspired by The Communist Manifesto.

"They want to capture our kids," said Jeffrey. "I think basically the vision that [Kathleen] Sebelius and Obama are articulating for American kids is very much in the Marx-Engels model spelt out in the Communist Manifesto. They want our kids to believe in what they believe in and not what we believe in. And quite frankly I believe that what they believe in is wrong and I don’t want them raising America’s kids."

This is not the first time Jeffrey has pulled this kind of crap. He previously came to this column's attention for claiming that Obama prohibits the practice of Catholicism.

Jeffrey's American Taliban-approved conspiracy theory only gets crazier by the minute. Later in the interview, he insists that the Obama administration not only wants to brainwash kids into becoming communists, but into becoming bisexual (even though he has no idea what 'bisexual' means).

"They have this agenda that's spelt out in all sorts of agencies around the government, including HHS and the Department Education, for advancing what they call LGBT equality. It's not just gay, they also put in bisexual and transgender. Now, I don’t know what they mean by bisexual, I don't even think they can explain it, but I don't want them explaining it to my kid or anybody else's kid."

Of course, explaining it is easy: Bisexual essentially sums up as "no preference either way."

This demonstrates the core flaw of the anti-intellectual movement. While the Leftists are fully confident that their arguments will hold up under scrutiny and have no problem allowing the opposition to speak, the anti-intellectuals are so terrified that their opponents may be correct that they will not even educate themselves on the topics before they start beating their gums about it.

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