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"Terry Fator's Different Personalities"

"America's Got Talent" winner Terry Fator has created a special personality for each of his character puppets and like "real people", the puppets have their own background stories.

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(Photos shot by Sandy Zimerman during the live show.)

Just before Terry brings out each puppet, he provides a peek into its imaginary life to prepare us for their grand entrance as his co-stars with special segues when the puppet is ready to be dramatically carried off the stage. Terry has the remarkable ability to quickly become each of these lovable characters as we get to know them better.

With several different character puppets, hopefully Terry doesn't suddenly wake up at night trying to remember, "Who am I?" If Terry can keep all of his personalities in order, he has another character puppet called Berry Fabulous.

Berry Fabulous is outrageous and seems to rate a special entrance as he is brought on stage inside a walk-in wardrobe closet. In case you did not know what it was, there is a sign saying "closet". This is a "not so subtle" reference introducing Berry as gay.

Being the newest member of the cast, Berry's attitude is even more outrageous than the others. Berry originally was an attorney with Fabulous, Fabulous, Simply and Fabulous for 20 years, but decided to switch careers to become an entertainer. It's a laugh filled roller coaster ride through Berry's life.

Berry Fabulous is now a rapper with a twist. He interprets the way Barbara Streisand, Cher, Judy Garland, and other stars would rap. Terry Fator's impressions are flawless; I watched but could not see his lips moving. When Terry sings "as himself", it is a moment to remember!

I have always enjoyed the wide variety of music, the clever dialogue, and Terry's amazing ability! You'll also see all of your favorite puppet characters- Winston (the Impersonating Turtle, appeared on "America's Got Talent"), the sexy Vikki (the Cougar), Walter T. Airdale (Country Western Music Singer), Maynard Thompkins (the world's greatest Elvis Presley impersonator), Wrex (the Crash Test Dummy), Hyphen (the Beatles), Julius (the Soul Singer, sounds like Nat King Cole), Duggie Scott Walker, Emma Taylor (appeared on "America's Got Talent"), and, of course, Berry Fabulous.

Impressions of Cher, Garth Brooks, and many other celebrities are all included at Terry Fator's "Ventriloquism in Concert". I have been following Terry Fator's career ever since he became a contestant on America's Got Talent and easily won the first prize.

After seeing Terry perform live in "Ventriloquism in concert, at the Mirage Resort last year and now recently this year, I was amazed at the depth of his talent and had the chance to interview Terry in his dressing
room after the show.

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