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Terry Crews releases memoir: One dark secret nearly ended his marriage

Terry Crews book cover
Photo Credit: Amazon books

On May 20 Terry Crews appeared as guest host on ‘The View’. Crews opened up about his personal life and shared some of the mistakes he made through the years and how his actions nearly cost him his 25 year marriage.

‘The Brooklyn Nine Nine’ actor shared the release of his memoir Manhood: How to Be a Better Man-or Just Live with One. In the book Crews shares the mistakes he has made in his marriage as well as bad choices he has made as a man. Crews said he hopes this book will help other men become better by learning from his mistakes.

In the book Crews shares how he spent decades trying to figure out what it meant to be a man as he was raised by his single mother. Crews shared some of the mistakes he made in his youth, sharing that he made the selfish decision to move his family in with his mother just so he could buy a new car. Crews admitted that vanity and pretentiousness played a part in that decision.

In Crews’ new book he also shared some marital secrets, some of which helped keep he and his wife Rebecca together and some mistakes that were sure to tear any marriage apart. Crews shared the importance of finding a balance between taking care of self and family.

Crews also discussed some of his difficult childhood experiences in which he shares in detail in his new book. Crews’ childhood experience coupled with humbling life experience has helped shape him into the man he has become today. Crews emphasized the importance of maintaining good values and shared his strong faith and the importance of forgiveness.

Since men are usually raised to maintain their composure when it comes to their emotions Crews shared the importance of men breaking down the walls that may prevent them from maintaining healthy relationships. Crews shares his experience with learning a healthy balance between his strength and the importance of opening up to family.

Terry Crews retired from the NFL in the late 1990’s in which he began acting. Crews stars in Fox's hit series ‘Brooklyn Nine Nine’. Crews and his wife Rebecca have been married for 25 years and have five children and one grandchild. Crews’ memoir was released on May 20.

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