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Terry Coleman honors his roots at T-Bones Mississippi Style BBQ Restaurant in Arlington TX

T-bones Mississippi Style BBQ is tucked in a corner of a shopping center at Collins St and Arkansas Ln in Arlington TX
T-bones Mississippi Style BBQ is tucked in a corner of a shopping center at Collins St and Arkansas Ln in Arlington TX

Terry Coleman started selling barbecue 5 years ago with a truck and some family recipes. He hoped that the Mississippi-style barbecue recipes from his mother and the soul food recipes from his grandmother would taste as delicious to other people as they did to him. So, he invested in a truck and started cooking. Two years later, his catering business had done well enough that he opened a little restaurant in south central Arlington TX, T-Bones Mississippi Style BBQ.

Terry Coleman owns and cooks for T-Bones Mississippi Style BBQ
Veronica Hobson

Born in Jackson, Mississippi
Coleman grew up in Jackson, Mississippi. He was raised on the smoke flavored pork and the sweet and spicy sauce that is typical of Mississippi style barbecue. Later he moved to Arlington TX. After seeing the prevalence of smoked beef brisket and sweet tomato based bbq sauce sold in Texas, he thought there was a market for his distinctive Mississippi style barbecue.

Inherited Family Recipes
Terry’s mom created the barbecue recipes for rib tips, pulled pork and other meats. His Grandma contributed the soul food style of cooking vegetables and sides like collard greens, macaroni & cheese and yams. Terry decided to combine these two types of Southern style cooking in his T-bones Mississippi Style BBQ restaurant.

Grew from Truck to Restaurant
Coleman bought a truck and that was enough to start him in the catering business five years ago. Based on that success he opened a small, plain restaurant that sold mostly take out food. One critic complained that T-Bones restaurant had no atmosphere so Terry added cloths on the tables, flowers in vases, and art on the wall. One painting depicts a white haired man with a fishing pole. That gentleman is Coleman’s grandfather. Now that Terry has the required atmosphere, he is hoping to expand to a bigger restaurant in the near future.

Terry Coleman grew up feeling at home with the down home tastes and flavors of native Mississippi food. Now he seems equally at home serving up that down home food to Texans who are eager for a taste of Mississippi barbecue.

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