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Terrorists win another news day: Is ISIS knocking on the door in Texas?

Is Texas next?
Is Texas next?

Sorry to report more about terrorists today. It stems from two things:

  1. Islamic State terrorists’ success on the battlefield
  2. U.S. deficient preparedness to combat the Islamic State

We could talk about a third source of terror and that is the Russians as they dance in, out, and all about the Ukraine. They know that the U.S. and EU are preoccupied, so Putin is making moves.

Terrorists get legs from stories that put fear into the hearts of their intended targets. First, the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom raised the security level to “severe.” Security concerns in the UK and other European Union nations have always been “severe” because there is a substantial population of citizens with ethnic ties to the Middle East and to sources of terror. That does not mean that every Muslim is a potential threat. Quite the contrary. It simply suggest that in a population of Muslims there is likely a percentage that could be troublesome as either being radicalized or potential recruits for radicalization.

What would make a Muslim a potential recruit for radicalization?

  • Young person without prospects for self sustainment
  • Young person who is mistreated on the basis of their faith
  • Young person who is convinced that non Muslim nations are out to get them
  • Young person who is given a perceived opportunity to do something significant in the Muslim world
  • Young person with active ties to the Middle East and ethnic nations of origin, or the nations that are home to terrorists

Countering the possible propensity to recruit candidate young Muslims, the host nations must ensure fairness, antidiscrimination policies and equal opportunity. In addition, as in the U.S. the European nations must filter metadata and employ algorithms that detect potential ties and threats from terrorists and their affiliate organizations.

Unfortunately, the price of the global war on terror is a piece of freedom that is a sacrifice to the freedom of travel to and from nation states that harbor terror.

The laptop from a young woman scientist terrorist was located and analyzed. It contained a trove of information about how to make bioterror bombs among other things. It provided evidence that educated professionals are active leaders and participants in the Islamic terrorist activities. This point adds to the list defining who might be recruited for radicalization. It includes intellectuals and educated professionals whose mental state is corrupted by extremism that is inherent in some interpretations of Islam. Monitoring Muslims with mental problems would be a very difficult thing to do in a free society. Asking Muslim families to be aware of family members who may be suffering from psychiatric and psychological disorders isn’t out of the question any more than asking any citizens to be aware of potential threats to society from theirs.

The other big story is all about the Obama administration’s apparent stumble bumbling around foreign policy and war management. It is mostly his fault, however a significant problem resides with a dysfunctional and uncooperative Congress that has lost its purpose. It isn’t about politicians getting re-elected. It is about voters needing, wanting, and deserving the best representatives and public servants that they can elect to office without being corrupted by big money and special interests. More on that story later.

Jana Winter published a teaser n Fox News. ISIS is probably knocking on the door in Texas.

“Online posts show ISIS eyeing Mexican border, says law enforcement bulletin
By Jana Winter
Published August 29, 2014

EXCLUSIVE: Social media chatter shows Islamic State militants are keenly aware of the porous U.S.-Mexico border, and are “expressing an increased interest” in crossing over to carry out a terrorist attack, according to a Texas law enforcement bulletin sent out this week.

“A review of ISIS social media messaging during the week ending August 26 shows that militants are expressing an increased interest in the notion that they could clandestinely infiltrate the southwest border of US, for terror attack,” warns the Texas Department of Public Safety "situational awareness" bulletin, obtained by”

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