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Terrorist threat - eleven commercial airliners missing close to 9/11 anniversary

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As the horrific and very somber anniversary of the terrorist attack on September 11, 2001 approaches there is renewed concern that this same style of attack may rear its ugly head again. According to the Blaze, nearly a dozen commercial airliners have gone missing since the seizure of the aircraft by Islamist militias in Libya over the past month.

These attacks are raising major concerns to neighboring countries in North Africa as well and in the Middle East like Israel, Lebanon and possibly Iraq, according to “alleged intelligence reports disseminated within the Obama government,” reported the Blaze. The effect of having piloted terrorist aircraft that are targeting possible U.S. friendly country capital cities or targets would be devastating.

When the Islamists took control over the Tripoli International Airport in Libya, the 11 commercial airliners were reported missing. What appears more than suspicious is how and why did the airlines leave their planes fit to fly behind as they evacuated the airport. The reasonable conclusion is that perhaps there was a plan afoot for the planes to be used for another purpose.

What is certainly not clear is if the 11 missing planes are sitting ready to fly, why is the White House denying any knowledge of it. According to the Free Beacon, “senior State Department counterterrorism official” refused to comment on reports of stolen jetliners in Libya,” according to the Blaze.

It also brings up an even more sinister possibility that if airliners can simply vanish or be taken is it possible that a Malaysian airliner that has gone missing, could be part of a 9/11 plot that may prove a security threat to the United States.

The terrorists have no boundaries and instead of leveling the airport and blowing up the abandoned commercial airliners with a half million pounds of explosives, these planes may be the terrorists’ explosive devices in a 9/11 type attack.


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