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To the people of Iraq it is your commitment to your freedoms that can and will prevail by taking up arms to repel a rebel force. It is your soldiers that fled the advancing rebel force in favor of themselves than that of the people. It is you the Iraq people that seem to favor oppression out of fear and are in the end willing to deal with those who are your aggressors.
You may fault America and her allies for the trouble you now have, but the truth be known to all your battle goes back to 632 A.D. due to unresolved differences in religious beliefs between two religious groups, the Sunnis and Shia. . It is for you to set aside your internal man made differences in order to resolve your impending crisis. And it is for you to realize that as your country emerges into this new century that war among neighboring tribes only make you weak, ripe for the disease that has now befallen you all.
Nevertheless, the Iraq battle you now face is in fact a fight for your identity, your freedoms which will define who you are not only as a county but as a people.

In recent years you have been given a gift by the nations of the world, to decide your own destiny and with such a gift there comes responsibility for one’s own actions and a response to those who oppose who you are. It requires you to stand up and be heard, repel those who threaten you and makes concessions with one’s own people. It takes a very strong person as well as nation to do such things, things that may seem impossible by one, but man’s greatest achievements have been brought forth by one’s own unchained mind. However history has also taught us oppression cannot exist where there is objection!

As to America, over the years yes we have heard it all before from those who look to discredit who we are and although we seem to sit quietly, we are always vigilant in our guard to protect our freedoms as well as those in the world. You may criticize us for our periodic interventions in world affairs, but we realize failure to take no action against the disease of malcontents that threaten to enslave a civilized world knows no boundaries. This too we have seen before, which weighs forever heavily upon us.
To wonder who the American people are or to suggest the American people will no longer fight for freedom is wrong. That is the hope of those who oppose freedom. Freedom, to the American people is in fact what has been in breed into our blood the day we were born.

No rebel force or army no matter how large or small will ever fly her flag above us. Herein is the difference between what you, the Iraq people believe and who WE, the American people and the free world are. Until you fully understand this word freedom for all of your country men, women and children, you willing only be a passing footnote in the chronicles of mankind.

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