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Terrorism can be ended

Not so long ago
Not so long ago
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Again we see innocent lives extinguished in the shooting down of Malaysia’s Flight 17. This makes the score terrorist 2 Malaysia Airlines 0.

History has shown us like a broken record how terrorist terrorize and history has also shown us how to end it. The one catch to our vulnerability to terrorism today is we have a world and especially American populous of sheep personalities. We have let rulers dumb us down and weaken us as humans to a point we no longer follow the rules of nature which also happen to be the very same rules the God of most religions has. The rule of the survival of the fittest, as it governs every other living and non living organism in the universe.

The most recognizable historical event to illustrate the repetitive failures of humanity comes from the Christian Bible. Goliath was a terrorist before he lost his head to David. Yes he was beheaded so beheading is sanctioned by the God of Christian belief. But bottom line it worked to end the terrorist tactics of ruling the masses. In every historical case the only answer to terrorist is to treat it like cancer. Either you eliminate every cell or it comes back. This means it won’t be till Armageddon when we finally eliminate it. But until then the only answer is to make the price to expensive for terrorist to deter them from senseless killing. We must deploy the chemotherapy of diplomacy and eradicate as many as possible to achieve terror remission.

If a new law were passed that you can’t eat pizza on Friday’s and if you do the fine is $10,000 dollars and 6 months in jail and enforced it with KGB tactics then surely very very few would eat pizza on Fridays. War and unrest enables rulers to sell us the need for their so called leadership and protection. If everything were solved we would have no need for big governments and armies. But greed drives rulers and those that finance rulers’ rises to power and there is lots of money to be made by perpetuating war and unrest. Domestic examples of this are Jesse Jackson, NAACP and Al Sharpton who have made careers from dividing races and fueling the worst in an already sensitive area. Not to mention all the corporations that manufacture the tools of war which most of Congress are invested in via stock holdings

If humanity made a collective statement like the price for terrorist will be, for every innocent life taken by a terrorist act the response will be the killing of a thousand of the ethnic or national perpetrators people. Many of you are thinking that that would be killing innocent people but is it? Most know if their neighbors are good people or not and even if they don’t but simple allow them to kill indiscriminately by means of fear to stand up to them, then they are accessories’ to the crime by condoning it with apathy. Much like the German people, who did nothing while fully knowing what was going on down the road in a concentration camp.

When dealing with rational people negotiation works and is what normal should be. But when dealing with the irrational then only one thing works and that is the respect of might. You have to stand up to the bully or the bully will terrorize. Bullies are the sparring partners for future champions like David of the Bible. Terrorism can be ended with an army of David’s. Anything less and we get what we ask for.

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