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Terrifying school lunches: Are these served where you live?

Many are concerned about school lunches and hope their children are being fed well while at school.

Terrifying school lunches only choice for some students.
Darcie Williams/Terrifying school lunches

Most schools offer salads and fruits for those who wish to choose these as part of their school lunch. However, parents understand their children still might not make the best choices.

The photo here is of a free or discounted school lunch. This is what is given in the name of nutrition to those needing a meal they can't afford to pay the full price to receive.

Terrifying school lunches is the name given to the photo by a student eating this tray of food. Children are hungry and often have no choice but to eat the chemicals place on their tray.

The items on this tray may appear offensive to many and perhaps they should. Many of us would not eat anything beyond the carrots and beans.

Most readers might ask why this meal includes a corn dog, filled with nitrates and other chemicals many are trying to avoid. Why are corn dogs being fed to children?

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