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Terrified in Texas: Fort Worth shelter pooch trembles in fear

Pebbles is listed as a boxer, retriever and Labrador mix. She is only 25 pounds and just so afraid
Pebbles is listed as a boxer, retriever and Labrador mix. She is only 25 pounds and just so afraid
Urgent Animals at Fort Worth Animal Care and Control

Pebbles is her name; she's young, 25 pounds, and terrified. Her body trembles with fear, but she still allows others to touch her at Forth Worth Animal Care and Control. Her description reads:

"Pebbles sat in a corner shaking, but did allow us to pet her. Most likely workable outside of shelter environment."

Reason for URGENT STATUS: Terrified/most likely workable

Animal ID: 23026377
Name: Pebbles
Breed: Boxer/Retriever/Lab Mix
Sex: Female
Age: Young Adult
Weight: 25 lbs

Unfortunately, dogs who are afraid have less chances of being adopted. Most families want the outgoing puppies, or the calm, handsome adults with perfect manners and "that been there and done that easy-going attitude."

Pebbles just sits in the very back of her metal prison trying to blend in with the surroundings; thinking she can disappear and be safe.

Please share Pebbles' story with your friends, family, and coworkers. Click here if you follow Facebook rescue advocates.

Another thread working to help Pebbles can be found by clicking here.

Regretfully, according to Urgent Animals at Fort Worth Animal Care and Control, the shelter is extremely overcrowded and many animals need to find homes or they will be euthanized. Please click on the organization's link and help to network for foster homes, rescue groups, and adopters.

If you're not local to Fort Worth and interested in adopting, please read the following:

NOT LOCAL TO FORT WORTH? It can still happen, but the shelter does not arrange transports and will not hold an animal indefinitely. Please start looking for transport options NOW! You may begin by posting your plea on our wall. Please also check out Pawsitively TX and TexasTransports for help with transport. We also offer some other options under the policy tab on the left side of our page.

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