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Terrific tunes for the triathlete

Even the most tested of athletes need musical treats
Even the most tested of athletes need musical treats
Photo by Nigel Roddis

Anyone who knows or loves one of those gritty, determined, or what many people might call insane individuals who thrive on races of multi-mile components of a swim, a cycling race and run known as triathlon understands the demands of the physical conditioning, mental toughness, and the need to inspire all that competitive nature to attain personal best. Whether working out or getting pumped up for a big race, here are some songs that will fuel your spirit and feed that winning desire.

“Call Me the Breeze” Whether a future Ironman prefers the original JJ Cale blues artistry of this classic, the Lynyrd Skynyrd country rock tinged rendition or the recent homage by the great Eric Clapton, the riffs and words of this song are bound to have you swimming, peddling, and putting massive pedometer numbers passed all your competition.

“Overcome” This song that marked a rebirth for Creed makes no excuses and takes no prisoners in its resonance dry victimhood and understand that in life, just like in any triathlon, nothing is given, but everyone is entitled, to attain the title’s status. Its message of truth and triumph will power you through the course, and maybe even spark the desire to dust off that expensive bike that hasn't been on the road since the day it was put together by that technician at the cycle shop.

“Mr. Blue Skies” Triatletes are loath to ever be caught indoors, never preferring a gym to the rich experience of being out in the elements. This oldie but goodie from Electric Light Orchestra embraces the delights of a beautiful day, what sets these athletes apart, and encompassing positivity about life all at once. It makes a great mood shifter if a downpour is in progress during a practice run, and imparts appreciation for the sun’s grace. Fifteen miles on the bike will go by in a flash!

“Firework” Male or female in training, this Katy Perry sparkler of a song will inspire competitors of every age group toward the finish line. It won't matter if the welcome comes in the form of one of those glorious Hawaiian leis, or a simple pat on the back from a few friends. Triathletes do races that few even attempt, and the prize is not the point. The song puts it all into perspective-- it's about self-worth and satisfaction.

“Titanium” David Guetta’s 2011 testimony to resilience and rising above the bullets and barricades in life makes the perfect accompaniment for the elite athlete, particularly triathletes and cyclists, because the supreme racing machines powered by the legs of the racers are crafted from the lightweight yet near indestructible material, just as the athletes themselves, in body and spirit.

Swim, bike, run; eat, sleep repeat; go again tomorrow.

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