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Terrier takes on Lizard

When I read this story, all I could think was: this dog needs a good chew toy!! Apparently a Jack Russell terrier tangled with an Australian goanna—a reptile that can grow up to seven feet long--and lived to tell the tale.

Having grown up with terriers, I totally believe it. In my childhood, our Scottish terriers would challenge dogs five times their size, squirrels, raccoons, even a horse. Most times, the terrier won. This Jack Russell needed stitches and some antibiotics, but I am glad to say he’s made a full recovery. Luckily the owners have pet insurance, and the company, Veterinary Pet Insurance Company, has paid the claim. The company has even gone so far to name the case: Most Unusual for the month of December. That honor puts him up for the 2010 VPI Hambone Award.

I adore terriers for their ‘never-say-die’ spirit, and this Colorado dog proves it once again!