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Terrazas Reserva Torrontes: A can't miss white as summer begins to fade

What do you think about this white wine?
Permission to use photo given by Terrazas Reserva

It's the summer time and during no other time of the year are you inspired to grab yourself a cold glass of white wine like you are in August. Sure, it's true that we're winding down on the summer and will be making that transition into the fall soon. That said though, there's still plenty to be said for enjoying a wonderful glass or bottle of Terrazas Reserva's Torrontes white wine.

Recently, we had the opportunity to sample the aforementioned white and it really is quite the delectable treat. In order to create the Torrontes, the grapes are made and harvested in higher altitude areas. With grapes being grown near Mendoza, the high altitude of 5,900 feet provides the ideal climate for growing.

Another key component of growing grapes in areas of higher elevation is moisture. In areas like Colorado, it can be much more difficult to grow grapes due to the level of dryness in the spring and summertime. In Mendoza though, the level of moisture is bolstered by where the vineyard is located, as melting snow often trickles down into the vineyard's fields for added wetness.

Further in the process, certain yeasts are included in the eventually pressed juice that is then moved into stainless steel tanks for further fermentation. Terrazas is ultimately looking to produce the freshest scent possible.

When it comes down to sampling the wine on your own, expect a preview with a majority scent of wild apple coming into play. Others may find passion fruit more present, but personally, wild apple stood out more than anything else. The experience of the banquet shines with floral notes and is extremely smooth. The lasting taste and feel ultimately will leave you with a strong sense of refreshment and will not make you feel sluggish at all.

The Terrazas Reserva Torrontes is a wonderful wine to enjoy as we near the end of the summertime. We also found that a fitting food pairing for the white wine was a chicken dish with a lighter seasoning or marinade. Also accompanying the chicken was a rice dish as well as green beans, bringing together a fantastic meal that compliments the Torrontes perfectly.

Hurry up before summer ends, it'll be fall before you know it. White wine is still very appealing to enjoy and you can pick up a bottle of Terrazas Reserva Torrontes now.

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