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TerraLogos Energy Group improving homes with energy audits

Man performing an energy audit
Man performing an energy audit

Looking to save energy in your home? TerraLogos Energy Group is a company based in Baltimore that is changing the way customers absorb energy in their residents by offering energy audits. These audits are helping customers realize that they can control their energy usage while simultaneously lowering cost and saving money.
TerraLogos Energy Group foundation is design and sustainability while reshaping the views and ides about heading towards a more energy conscious direction.

TerraLogos Energy Group has a 5 step process to their diagnosing homes during their energy audit. These steps include:
Step #1 Diagnose Real Problems-The Energy Audit
Step #2 Create a sensible Plan-The Home Performance Report
Step #3 Perform Improvement Effectively-Reliable Contracting Service
Step#4 Test For Quality-Follow Up Testing
Step #5 Find Additional Saving-Rebate & Finance

TerraLogos also does presentations covering clean energy, green business/sustainability, and energy efficiency to help the community learn more about saving energy.

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